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Flexible displays – Innovative Advances 2015

We’re finally seeing curved screens in products like LG’s curved HDTV and Samsung’s Gear Fit and even a flexible HDTV (it finally went on sale in Korea in August). Thin, flexible displays have, however, remained something of a pipe dream.

A flexible display is a display which is flexible in nature; differentiable from the more prevalent traditional flat screen displays used in most electronics devices.

There is hope, though, that 2015 could mark the start of the consumer-grade flexible display market. An Intel spokesperson told me the company is working on shrinking components and removing wires through WiDi (wireless display) technologies and Gorilla Glass maker Corning has strong and very flexible glass ready to go.

I’m betting that we see some unique product developments around flexible displays in 2015.

These six areas represent the highlights and potentially heaviest concentration of development in the new year, but there will be others worth watching, like the rapid expansion of biometric password tools, smart home and Internet of things, sensors, and, of course, wearable technology.

Samsung’s YOUM is a brand name for flexible panels that can enable bendable products.

OLED is an emerging display technology that enables beautiful and efficient displays and lighting panels. Thin OLEDs are already being used in many mobile devices.

Flexible displays have been discussed for years, but product designers were unable to bring their visions to the market due to limitations in TFT manufacturing.

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