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What does the future hold for Technological advancements in Manufacturing?

Industry is on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution, as digitalization now follows after the automation of production. The primary objectives in manufacturing continue to be: Increase productivity Increase efficiency Increase speed Improve quality Achieving this will ensure companies remain competitive on the path to the future of the manufacturing Industry. 3D printing is…

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Manufacturing is being Transformed by Digital technology

Manufacturing is becoming leaner and smarter thanks to digital technology. The prospect of an American Industrial revival is not so remote. Welcome to the New Industrial Revolution—a wave of technologies and ideas that are creating a computer-driven manufacturing environment. Companies with big budgets can now invest in groundbreaking technologies and a multitude of tools that…

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Component Video + Audio to HDMI Converter

Component Video + Audio to HDMI Converter Price: $89.99   Convert component video + S/PDIF or Optical Toslink audio into HDMI output format. Connect your component video source to your new HDMI TV input. Converts analog to digital. Note: This device is a format converter, not a scaler. It will not upscale a standard definition…

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Questions Q: How safe is shopping online at HDMI Converter? A: It’s safer than paying your bill at a restaurant. We have all heard a lot of talk about whether shopping on the internet is safe. The main concern of online shoppers is that their credit card information will somehow end up in the wrong…

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