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One of the most widely used definitions of advanced manufacturing involves the use of technology to improve products and/or processes, with the relevant technology being described as “advanced,” “innovative,” or “cutting edge.” For example, one organization defines advanced manufacturing as industries that “increasingly integrate new innovative technologies in both products and processes. The rate of technology adoption and the ability to use that technology to remain competitive and add value define the advanced manufacturing sector.”[1] Another author defined World Class Foundry (read manufacturing) as:”A World Class Manufacturing (WCM) is one which integrates the latest-gen machinery with (process/ work) systems to facilitate ‘manufacturing’- based business development governed around manufactured products only, duly based over a high accent on Product Substitution or New Product Development.[2]”

“Advanced manufacturing centers upon improving the performance of US industry through the innovative application of technologies, processes and methods to product design and production.”[citation needed] Finally, a recent survey of advanced manufacturing definitions by the White House and states: “A concise definition of advanced manufacturing offered by some is manufacturing that entails rapid transfer of science and technology (S&T) into manufacturing products and processes.” (PCAST, April 2010.)

The term “advanced manufacturing” encompasses many of the developments in the manufacturing field during the late 20th and early 21st centuries, including high tech products and processes and lean, green, and flexible manufacturing, among others. No one definition captures everything said about advanced manufacturing, although the majority of definitions found on the web include the use of innovative technology to improve products and/or processes, and many also include the use of new business/management methodologies. Accordingly, the definition that probably comes closest to being comprehensive is that given by Paul Fowler of the National Association of Advanced Manufacturing (NACFAM), celebrating its 20th anniversary this year:

“The Advanced Manufacturing entity makes extensive use of computer, high precision, and information technologies integrated with a high performance workforce in a production system capable of furnishing a heterogeneous mix of products in small or large volumes with both the efficiency of mass production and the flexibility of custom manufacturing in order to respond quickly to customer demands.” (Quoted in PCAST). “In foreseeable future categorical developments facilitated with integration with computers will … be largely impacted by state of raw material and energy availability.

read more at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_manufacturing

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